With the warm weather fast approaching, we can’t think of anything else we’d rather do than enjoy some fresh flavored drinks. The booze world is ready for summer too with these new releases.

Woodchuck Hard Cider has a new mint offering that adds a different dimension to the full apple taste. Using whole spearmint leaves in the tank for a week before bottling, the new cider has a subtle mint flavor that goes perfectly with the jam-packed cider flavor that we love about Woodchuck.

Captain Morgan and Bacardi are going head to head in the rum category and the newest release from Bacardi is taking aim at summer cocktails. Mango Fusion will hit the shelves this month and Bacardi has been holding special events around the country showing off their newest white rum option. Keep your eye out for the Bacardi Mango Fusion Lounge in your city and check out the newest release on the shelves.

Grey Goose is shaking up the vodka category with their new flavor: Le Melon. When we think melon it’s usually the fruit that nobody eats at brunch but we’ll keep an open mind. The new release is made from the world’s sweetest melons from France and will hit stores at $29.99 a bottle at the beginning of May.

Tis the season to get the beach bod in shape and Skinnygirl is seizing the opportunity to sell us two new low calorie, ready to serve cocktails. Sweet’arita and Sparkling Margarita are the two new lime and tequila offerings. Both are available now at less than 100 calories and could be the convenient cocktails we turn to for the summer.