Since 1944, Captain Morgan has been the king of spiced rum. Now, the Captain is exploring the white rum world that could result in a white rum showdown. We’re excited to watch.


Captain Morgan White Rum debuted last week and is already taking the drinking world by storm. The five times distilled white rum is smooth, slightly sweet with hints of fruit.  And we hear it makes a pretty mean cocktail.


You’re all thinking it (or at least we are): Captain Morgan is going after Bacardi’s top spot, but it’s not unwarranted. Bacardi recently launched into the spiced rum world so it’s only natural that Captain Morgan encroaches on Bacardi’s turf. There should be room in the white rum realm for both major brands to have a place but considering how long Bacardi has ruled the category, we’re interested to see how the Captain keeps up. Is this a future rum battle royale? We’ll sit back and watch.


The 80 proof Captain Morgan White and will be available nationwide for $15.99 a bottle. Will you buy a bottle of Captain Morgan White or stick with Bacardi?