At gelateria Dolcezza in D.C. you can treat yourself to a cup of gin gelato. Yes, gin gelato. They have combined Persian cucumbers, lime, salt, sugar and gin (from D.C’s first craft distillery, New Columbia Distillers) into what should prove to be a very original flavor. It is certainly an interesting combination but we aren’t sure when the craving would strike. If you have the chance to try it – let us know what you think.

H2V wants to make your hangover more tolerable with their new Happy Hour Vitamins, and we say thank you. They claim that by popping a couple of these antioxidant-filled vitamins you will enhance liver function and aid in your alcohol detox. We aren’t sure if we believe these pills work but their tag line “It’s 5 pm somewhere, also 9 am somewhere else” sure makes us want to find out.

We think it’s awesome when brands give regular people the chance to talk to them – and Stone Brewing Co. did something even better. They invited the grand prize winner of the Chicago homebrew competition to brew their beer on Stone’s 120-barrel system and then sell their concoction. What won? Two Brothers Brewing Company’s Coffee IPA. Brewed beer and brewed coffee? Obviously we can’t wait to try it.

Think the Irish Whiskey category has given us all its got to offer? You’d be wrong. Teeling Whiskey Company is changing the game, by blending two whiskeys, and aging them together (for eight years). Blended wine varietals are old news, and vodka blended with sparkling wine has been buzzing for a while, but this has got us curious. And from what we’ve heard, they’re far from done experimenting.

Smirnoff has two new flavors joining their line of confectionary vodkas, Iced Cake and Kissed Caramel. They are conveniently launching these self-proclaimed celebration spirits right in time for the holidays. We’ll definitely try them, cause we actually really like the Whipped and Marshmallow flavors they’ve already got (as long as we’re looking for something crazy sweet).