Absolut has released their latest “sparkling fusion”, Absolut Tune. As of a few weeks ago this combination of white wine and Absolut Vodka is on shelves here in the U.S. Grabbing the attention of Absolut fans is the unique packaging – the bottle that Absolut enthusiasts have come to know and love has been replaced with a double-layered champagne shaped bottle. We think Tune is definitely worth a try. Let us know how you feel about unwrapping this new bubbly vodka.

What better way to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War than with a beer? It seems that the Monocacy Brewing Company agrees. Their slightly hoppy Antietam Ale, created with beer recipes from the 1800s in mind, is now available on tap. What makes this even better is that it’s only the first of 9 beers to honor the occasion. Even if you’re not a history buff there’s got to be one you’ll try. And if you are, make sure to grab one before your battle reenactment.

Demeter wants you to smell like a cocktail with their Frozen Margarita Cologne. Everyone enjoys an icy margarita on their beach getaway (or every day during the summer), but we prefer to drink our margaritas, not wear them. We aren’t quite sure if this odd spray is meant for men or for women, but give it a try and let us know what you think.

Things just got a whole lot easier for every over-stuffed college apartment refrigerator. Platform Tavern has created The Pole-Axed brew, a beer that won’t freeze. It was designed specifically for workers in super cold climates… like Antarctica cold. By raising the ABV on this dark beer, we can all benefit – and you can stop worrying about forgetting those beers in the freezer.