Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing has unveiled the first two entries in its 2012 Lips of Faith series—Biere de Mars and Cocoa Molé.


Brewed with barley, oats and wheat malts, Biere de Mars (6.2% ABV) is characterized by earthy tones and flavors of ripe mango and lemon verbena. Cocoa Molé (9% ABV) is brewed with caramel-80, chocolate, dark chocolate malts and chocolate rye, and then combined with ancho, guajillo and chipotle chilies for a sweet and spicy flavor.


The limited edition beers will be available on draft and in 22-ounce bombers now through April in select states at prices varying by market.


But wait, there’s more.


Two more new products will be added to New Belgium’s lineup this year: a pale ale called Dig, set to launch this month, and a pale lager called Shift to follow. The latter will be available only in 16-ounce cans.


BTW: New Belgium’s flagship Fat Tire and Ranger IPA are also slated for upcoming releases in the can format.