New beer


Anheuser-Busch has made Bud Light Platinum the poster child for their latest “innovative” bottle. As if they haven’t tried to push Platinum enough, they are using the beer to debut their new re-sealable aluminum bottle this summer in Las Vegas. Why would you ever want to reseal you beer? You’re just going to have to unscrew it to take another sip. More work than necessary if you ask us. We think these bottles are ridiculous. Nevertheless they’ll start appearing this summer.


Massachusetts based Beer Works is kicking off their Overtime Series with an interesting choice. RIPA, aka Rosemary IPA, will be the first release in the collection of limited edition, special ingredients beer. RIPA is brewed with fresh rosemary to give it a somewhat savory taste. We’re not sure about rosemary in a beer but if we know Beer Works, it will be good. RIPA will be released throughout Massachusetts and at Beer Works locations this summer.


Smuttynose Brewing Co. is teaming up with Stone Brewing Co. to take us back to the time of the Cluster hop. Their collab beer, Cluster’s Last Stand, will be a tribute to the hop that once dominated the craft beer world but has since disappeared. The brew will be a classic IPA with a strong hoppy taste. The first batch was brewed back in January but look for it be served at Smuttynose (Portsmouth, NH) later this month as part of the brewery’s Short Batch Series.