kingscountyOur favorite chocolate and booze combo of the year has arrived. Kings County Distillery has released their annual limited edition Chocolate Whiskey. The booze comes as a collaboration between Kings County and Mast Brothers Chocolate, both Brooklyn natives. The whiskey is infused with the husks of leftover chocolate from Mast Brothers and the result is a cocoa flavored whiskey. It’s kind of like taking a bite of dark chocolate and washing it down with whiskey.


Drinking for a cause is one of our favorite things to do and we have another great excuse to. Woodchuck Hard Cider just introduced Woodchuck Pink, the latest of their Private Reserve line. Pink was created to support the work of Dragonheart Vermont, an organization that supports breast cancer survivors. Available in March, the cider is a slight variation of the original flavor and even has a slight pink hue from grape skin extract used during production. We’ll definitely be supporting this one.


Founders Brewing Co. has announced the sixth installment to their Backstage Series: Doom. The Imperial IPA was brewed by aging Double Trouble (another Founders beer) in bourbon barrels for four months. The result is a combination of hops and boozy bourbon taste. The 10% ABV beer will be sold in 750 ml bottles starting in April. Ironic, but we’re looking forward to Doom.


There’s nothing better than a nice cigar and a glass of bourbon. London Cut Cigars has now rolled them into one. The UK based brand is infusing their high-end cigars with bourbon, a true aficionado’s dream. You can buy the boozy stogies in a 20 pack for a cool $240. And as if they couldn’t get anymore luxurious, they also offer a bourbon-aged cigar wrapped in edible 24K gold. Those are only $4,800. What a bargain.