NBA is Back: He Shoots, We Drink

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The time is now. The NBA is officially back in season. For many, this is only a time to be taken seriously. But for those of us not taking notes with dreams of becoming the king of March Madness, this one’s for you.

A drinking game to get you through the game (NBA Edition):

What you’ll need

  • Massive TV
  • A gang of friends
  • Beer or (AND) liquor

How to play (simplicity is key)

Points Scored:

  • 1 Drink/1 Shot when the team you bet against scores 5 points


  • 1 Drink when the player from your team commits a foul
  • 1 Shot when a flagrant or technical foul is called (everyone drinks)


  • 1 Drink for a turnover
  • 2 Drinks for a slam dunk
  • 2 Drinks for a 3 pointer made
  • 1 Shot for a buzzer beating shot
  • 1 Shot for an airball three pointer or a rim check slam dunk


Let the game(s) begin!

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