5 thoughts on “Musical Cocktails

  1. Jess D

    I recently had a fun summer kick off party. I think the type of music should coordinate with any “theme” or whatever that you might have going on. Since it was summer I threw some Bob Marley into the mix. But the overall play list had everything from Britney to MGMT to Santigold to Kanye. I think variety is key!! Most songs are fun to drink to after a certain point anyway!

  2. trask

    if putting together hours of music seems to tedious, the Genius feature in itunes is CLUTCH. pick one song, click the Genius icon, and itunes will throw together a whole playlist based on your pick. oh yeah, also, PANDORA!!! done and done.

  3. gman

    I can drink to anything. That said, if you’ve got a song in your head that you love and you’re trying to find more like it, try Pandora radio @ http://www.pandora.com. Use the genius feature on your iTunes library to create mixes using a favorite song and it’ll create a mix from songs you own.

  4. Lynne

    My friends and I love to put together a play list of dance re-mixes. Classic songs with a hyped-up beat are sure to get everyone in party mode!

  5. TGreene

    I always play music the guys like while it’s early. After enough drinks, switch to the music the girls like and hopefully the guys have enough liquid courage to join them on the dance floor.

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