mixstikSometimes when we’re watching the bartender whip up a drink we can’t help but wonder why we don’t learn to make some top notch cocktails ourselves. MixStik takes the guesswork out of measuring (Is this an ounce? What does “one part” mean?). MixStik is an LED stick that connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The colored lights correspond with the ingredients in the cocktail you have selected and helps you measure your pours and keep track of your ingredients.

The MixStik is small, portable, and rechargeable. It has a USB port and can be plugged into your computer or phone charger. You can also use the stick as a ruler if you’re using a shaker or large glass to make your beverage—and you can tell it if you’re making one drink or two. If you’re looking for some new ideas or don’t want to be disappointed because you’re missing a key ingredient, enter the stuff you have on hand and pick from the list. At only $39 it’s a very affordable option that can turn even a rookie into a pro drink mixer. Check out their website and don’t miss their Kickstarter going live at the end of September!