It’s widely known that our fearless leader is not big on booze. But he does dabble now and again. If you ever wonder what the Obama’s crack open at the end of a long day, or what a president uses to toast a treaty, read on. In this Information Age, the answers are no top-secret.


In the cocktail category, the President’s favorite is reported (by WikiAnswers) to be a variation of the Americano, containing Campari and Sweet Vermouth. That said, reports that, “On a night out in May at the D.C. restaurant Citronelle, the first couple turned down the restaurant’s famous and seemingly endless list of fine wines and instead ordered matching martinis, straight up. ‘And they didn’t even finish them,’ manager Jean-Jacques Retourne recalls. ‘They drank mineral water all night and then ordered coffee.'”


The President’s beer palate allegedly has range, too.


His documented favorite is Yuengling Lager. But on a recent trip to Ireland, President Obama (who has distant Irish routes), knocked back a glass of Guinness in just four sips. He remarked afterwards that it was delicious.


But there’s one more beer on his “best” list: the homebrewed White House Honey Ale, made with a pound of honey from the White House Beehive. Michelle and Barack are the first presidential couple to ever charge their chefs with the popular art of homebrewing.


How about wine? “On a date night with the first lady in New York at Blue Hill, a West Village eatery, Obama opted for a wine that accompanied the five-course tasting menu, while Michelle sipped on two martinis,” reports


The night he won the presidential election, he cracked open a bottle of Graham Beck Brut NV, a sparkling wine from South Africa. And just before he was sworn in, Obama stopped by one of his favorite Chicago haunts, Topolobampo, and ordered wine pairings with the $90 “celebration” tasting menu. But, restaurant manager Kevin Casey says, Obama and the first lady have a history of ordering up a round of margaritas at the restaurant.”