Miami is not a subtle place. So why would a vodka bearing its name be subtle? The new Absolut Miami blends passion fruit and orange blossoms, and sports label art that depicts the city’s vibrant, modern soul.


“Miami is a very creative…forward-looking city,” said Maxime Kouchnir, Absolut’s vice president of marketing. “It’s an absolutely perfect match with Absolut.”
Watch for Absolut Miami portable “pop-up” parties, showcasing label and pop artist Mr. Brainwash (aka Thierry Guetta), who will use the traveling bar as a canvas.


The portable gallery will feature original Mr. Brainwash work along with that of previous Absolut contributors and artists Daniel Fila and Ceron. The installation will also appear at the Fontainebleau hotel next month and at Ultra Music Festival.


The drink’s ad campaign proclaims, “Dusk Till Dawn, just like how the Magic City rocks.”


Kouchnir puts it another way: “We’re distilling the essence of Miami in a bottle.” (Someone’s been drinking the kool-aid.)


P.S. This new-to-the-scene vodka is a limited edition. So stock up between New Year’s Day and this spring.