We sat down with James Andrew of the Zythos Project to discuss The Brauler – a tough-as-nails, customizable, stainless steel modular growler system for breweries, brewpubs, beer bars, home brewers, home consumers, and grocery retailers. Here’s what we learned:


We know you’re beer lovers but what else helped inspire this innovative product?

An engineer, a product designer, and a beer industry writer walk into a bar. That’s not a joke, that’s what happened. Over Christmas beers we hatched a plan to create a better growler. It was the perfect design team. Part wonky, part arty, and part beer-insider-y, we seem to cover all the bases.


For those who don’t know, what exactly IS a traditional growler system?

Should be simply “traditional growler” (i.e. glass). Ours is a modular growler system simply because the bottle’s been designed to accommodate several different accessories we are designing that can be mixed and matched, spun onto the exterior threaded collar of the neck. We are designing a handle, bail top, and something very very innovative: a CO2 cartridge charged draft tap cap. All of these will be available as accessories as we go forward, sold separately so that people can customize their Brauler(tm).


What makes the Brauler better?

Unbreakable. Virtually indestructible. Outdoors friendly (bike/hikes/picnics/boating/etc). Stainless steel is very lightweight compared to glass, so carrying it around is a lot easier. The modularity is a huge advantage over traditional growlers. Secondarily, our design is superior to other stainless steel growlers coming onto the market. We have a highly engineered thread/cap system that effectively contains pressure (carbonation) that the others don’t because they’ve come from the water bottle world. Plus we have a very wide neck- easy for cleaning and seeing into the bottle.


Any idea when availability date is?

We’re expecting the first Braulers(tm)  to be available in breweries across the country by August.


Is this something you can casually walk down the street with? We’re hoping your answer begins with a Y.

Absolutely. You’ll be dancing down the street with The Brauler(tm)!


What’s the price range of the Brauler?

It will retail at a price comparable to a fancy German glass growlers.


What are your favorite 3 craft beers at the moment?

Ooh, how about: New Belgium Le Terroir, Pretty Things Jack d’Or Saison; and Jolly Pumpkin bam biere


Any trend predictions for the craft beer category in the months ahead?

Yes, keep your eyes on the Zythos Project, innovators of very cool new craft beer products, including The Brauler(tm)!