Okay, bear with us. Take yourself back in time to your early college days. You rolled up to a house party, squad deep, thinking you’re tough sh**. Within 5 minutes, someone hands you a massive funnel, which you later learn was called a beer bong, and challenged you to drink a whole beer. You accepted. Before you knew it, you had beer dripping from your face and all over your clothes. Way to go slick.

Fast forward to present day. You haven’t fully outgrown your binge-drinking years, but would never be caught dead with a beer bong in hand for fear of some serious judgement. Well, we have just the perfect alternative.

Enter: the champagne bong. Or, more formally, the Chambong.

This incredibly classy, uber dainty invention allows you to toss back some bubbly faster than you can say, “New Years resolution.” You still have time to get your hands on one before the clock strikes 2016, so make sure you do. That way, you’ll almost be as cool as the models in their latest promo video. Goals, right?