Whether it is served in a beautiful crystal flute, or simply handed to you in a red solo cup, we know you are bound to have a few sips of champagne this New Year’s Eve. Sparking Wine, Prosecco and Champagne may not be everyone’s favorite day to day beverage, but when ringing in the New Year it’s tradition to toast with some bubbly and we want you to enjoy your first sip of 2016 as much as possible! Here’s a little guide to help you pick out the best NYE bubbles for your palette!

If you like your bubbly;

On the Sweeter Side: Try Ballatore Spumante ($10.00).
“It is made from sweet, tasty Muscat grapes harvested from vineyards near a small Italian town.” – International Business Times

The Dryer The Better: You may like El Xamfra Cava ($14.95).
“ It’s refreshing, dry and surprisingly complex for such an inexpensive bubbly.” – Paste Magazine

Rose All Day: Château Laglios Brut Rose NV Crémant de Loire ($19.99) is perfect for you!
“With some tannins, this is a full-bodied and ripe sparkling rosé. It has strong wild strawberry flavors that give the wine a very fruity character.” – Wine Enthusiast

Light on the Bubbles: Pick up some Solletico Prosecco, Veneto, Italy, 2012 ($12.00).
Prosecco is aged in large tanks with less pressure, therefore the bubbles are lighter, and have less of a bite. “This particular Prosecco shows notes of honeydew and flowers.” – Kitchn.com

Cheap Cheap Cheap: Get the most bang for your buck,  Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava ($8.00).
“A perennial favorite, this offers clean apple flavors at an unusually affordable price for such a completely dry style.” – Wine & Spirits

I really just DON’T love it: Try some Champagne infused treats, while you toast with your beverage of choice instead! These Champagne Truffles, Champagne & Strawberry Lollipops, and Champagne Cupcakes are all delicious choices!