Still drinking your alcohol from a glass like an amateur? Allow us to introduce you to The Levitron, a magical contraption that makes mixed drinks float. Droplets with extremely high alcohol content appear before you and all you have to do is slurp. No glasses required.

The minds behind the machine are Charlie Francis and Professor Bruce Drinkwater (not kidding). They’re two British scientists who have a history of creative and convenient contraptions. The alcohol floats with the help of sound waves and some kind of crazy science that goes way over our heads. The experts warn that it would only take about four droplets to get drunk, which is a challenge we willfully accept.

Of course, there is a catch. This machine costs $48,000 and takes two hours to set up. We’ll have to wait for the price to go down a bit before we try it for ourselves, but simply knowing that it exists is enough for now. So far they’ve only made a Bloody Mary and Gin and Tonic fly, but their sights are set on getting a whole dinner to float into our mouths. As long as that means no dishes to wash on Thanksgiving, we’re on board.