home brewChances are, you know someone who’s tried home brewing–whether it’s your cousin who just turned 21 or your buddy who thinks he’s still 21. You’ve probably heard stories about how much their kit cost and been forced to try their first creation. Home brewing can seem expensive and not worth the effort, but Brooklyn Brew Shop makes it easy to make your own beer right in your kitchen. They recently paired up with a North East favorite, Brooklyn Brewery, to sell a kit for the Brewery’s popular Brooklyn Sorachi Ace.

The Sorachi Ace is a farmhouse-style ale with a clean, malt flavor and lemon and herb aroma. To create the kit, Brooklyn Brew Shop paired with Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster Garret Oliver to scale down the production recipe. Each kit comes with the same grain and hops that are used at Brooklyn Brewery. At $40 the kit is totally affordable if you’re looking to get into home-brew. The kit includes ingredients for 1 batch of Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, a gallon glass fermenter, airlock, tubing, thermometer, tubing clamp, a packet of sanitizer, and a stopper. You can buy additional Sorachi Ace mix for only $15. The founders of Brooklyn Brew make sure that their products work on small scale and taste the same as the stuff the breweries bottle, creating half a dozen test batches to make sure they get it right. However, you can expect your home-brewed Sorachi Ace to be a little less clear, since it’s not going through the same amount of filtering as large-scale production.

If the Sorachi Ace isn’t quite your style, you can check out one of the other mixes Brooklyn Brew Shop offers. If you’re looking for something more traditional, try their Oatmeal Stout or Everyday IPA, and if you want to branch out, try the Jalapeño Saison or Grapefruit Honey Ale. In addition to Brooklyn Brewery, the Brew Shop offers a kit for Punk IPA from BrewDog and Bikini Beer from Evil Twin Brewing. All of the mixes cost $15 and make a gallon of beer. Bottoms up!