Malibu rum has always reminded us of surfboards and feathered hair. And the new flavor from Pernod Ricard, coming in May, is no exception.


Malibu Sunshine combines the regular flavor of rum and coconut that you would expect from Malibu, but adds a splash of lemon and lime. This newcomer will be priced at $12.99 a 750-ml., but will be available in larger bottles, as well.


Lisa McCann, Malibu’s Brand Director says: “Malibu Sunshine, with its vivid, eye-catching package design and bright sunshine colored blend of coconut and lemon-lime flavors is simply sunshine in a bottle.


It is a natural compliment to summer cocktails, mixing perfectly with summer fruit juices and lemon-lime sodas to enhance the summer state of mind.”


In other words, it’s a lay-up as new summer brands go, but probably very delicious après surf, golf, volleyball, or hanging out on the hood of a muscle car combing your flipped hair (or mustache) on, like, a totally hot summer day.