We have some big news for you Maker’s Mark fans today: a new program in Kentucky will allow you to make your own customized bottle of the top-selling premium Kentucky bourbon. At the distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, Maker’s is giving you the opportunity to create your own personal expression of Maker’s Mark. Participants will be finishing fully matured Maker’s Mark Bourbon where they will choose the exact types of wood they want to be used in the finishing barrel. Once it is in the barrel, it will rest there for 9 weeks, and then each participant will receive his or her customized bottle of Maker’s. Each bottle will be bottled, corked, and dipped in that signature red wax with details such as your custom-made wood combinations and alcohol percentage.

The program kicks off in November 2015, and it is only available in Kentucky and Illinois, so buy your tickets now! This program also features an in-depth immersion that educates people about the important role wood plays in the making of bourbon. They will also learn the exact process done by Chairman Emeritus Bill Samuels Jr. when he first created Maker’s 46 in 2010.

Maker’s Mark does not have any special releases like most brands do. However, with this program, the brand can expand further. People will take their own approach to their bottles. Though it will slightly wander from the traditional taste, it will still be distinctively “Maker’s Mark.”