MoonshineMoonshine has come a long way from that stuff your grandfather used to drink out of a mason jar on his front porch. As it becomes more and more mainstream, different companies are starting to come out with their own variations of the classic unaged whiskey; Old Smokey Moonshine from Tennessee and Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon from North Carolina both sell hundreds of thousands of cases every year, according to Techmonic.

The founders of Chattanooga Whiskey are now deciding to throw their hats in the ring by launching Freedom Moonshine, an unaged rye whiskey they hope will compete with the big business and backwoods competition. They’re being really quiet about the whole thing, but we do know it’s supposed to launch this month because they’ve posted some pictures on social media websites to start a little buzz. The @LetFreedonShine Twitter account was actually registered in 2010, so although it’s just coming out now, Freedom Moonshine has clearly been in the works for quite a while.

In case the name wasn’t enough to clue you in, Freedom Moonshine is going to be a little more patriotic than other liquors. In addition to an American flag-themed label, the moonshine is going to come in three different varieties: red cherry, white rye, and blueberry. Yes, they will also be red, white, and blue colors. We can already see this being a big hit at 4th of July cookouts, especially our own.

Like we said, we don’t have an exact date on the launch of Freedom Moonshine this month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have moonshine before then. While you wait for the red, white, and blue to appear on your liquor store’s shelves, grab a bottle of Ole Smoky Moonshine and make this cocktail:

  • Rim a glass with salt, sugar and zest of a lime.
  • Combine:

– 2 parts Ole Smoky Original

– 1 part lime juice

– 1 part simple syrup

– 1 part triple sec

  • Garnish with a lime wheel