Back in the day, cocktails cured what ailed you. And we mean things like stress, stomach pain, low sex drive, or headaches; not just making you feel better after a bad day at work or getting into a fight with your girlfriend.

Thanks to, we got some tips on which ingredients help what. And we’ve gone ahead and paired them with recipe suggestions. So next time you catch yourself chatting up a hottie at the bar and notice you have bad breath, you’ll know exactly what to order. Here are some of our favorites:

Bad Breath – Cardamom & Mint Cocktail
Cardamom is an uncommon ingredient that is making a comeback in the cocktail culture. In addition to curing bad breath, it is high in calcium, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, and zinc. Recipe

Tummy Ache – Dark & Stormy
Why do you think you’re supposed to drink ginger ale when you feel nauseous? Ginger settles your stomach. If you put a piece of fresh ginger in your drink, even better. Recipe

Hypochondriac – Greyhound
Fresh grapefruit juice helps cure basically anything you can dream up, so for the times when you don’t know what’s wrong, or you feel like everything is wrong, order yourself a Greyhound. Recipe

Skeptical? Try it for yourself, all for the cost of a co-pay. If you’re like us you’ll happily accept one more excuse for a good drink. After you test it out, tell us what worked for you.