Getting drunk is fun, but sometimes you are too lazy or too poor or too cold to make an effort. We get it. But do not despair, because we have just what you need- hacks to making getting drunk easier! It doesn’t matter if you are a lightweight or heavyweight, if you’ve had a long week or if you’re in a hurry- these ideas will make your drinking life better.

  1. Put a twist on vodka mixed drinks. Try Emergen-C or Gatorade- perfect for squeezing some vitamins and nutrients into your drinks. Another option is mixing it with any powdered drink mix. Kool-Aid, Crystal Light or any other brands will suffice. This leaves more room in that cup for booze.
  2. Freeze your favorite mix drink in a Ziploc bag and create a boozy slushy. Drink it right of the bag with a straw- no Red Solo cup needed.
  3. Mix Andre champagne with Sunny D juice for a special kind of mimosa. (Perfect for a cheap hangover fix).
  4. Mix 40 (Malt Liquor) with OJ or Red Bull. #LifeHackMaster
  5. Drown gummy bears, Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers and/or Skittles in vodka. Really, any candy you want!
  6. Mix Sunkist to cheap wine and call it sangria! #BarcelonaVibes
  7. Swap Two Buck Chuck for the cheapest sangria you’ll ever drink. #BrokeAF
  8. Mix your favorite seltzer into a crappy wine to make it a spritzer. Who said we couldn’t be fancy too?
  9. Add Carnation to any drink to make it more delicious. It’s just too good.
  10. Take a shot and use beer as a chaser. Kill two birds with one stone.
  11. Mix Fireball with apple cider. Perfect for a chilly night (you can even heat up the cider for an extra boost of warmth).
  12. Really trying to go all out tonight? Mix Mountain Dew with tequila- it won’t take much to feel a buzz off this.
  13. Mix whiskey with 7-Up. ‘Cuz why not?