Exploring the Latin American Influence

Our Stories October 12, 2010 2 Comments.

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Our friends over at Served Raw posted an interview with Bat Bar owner, Erik Holzherr.  In the post they mention how Colombian culture is making its way mainstream. We, too, have noticed the Latin American influence more and more in cocktails. As big fans, we’re intrigued to learn more. So, whether you’re mixing it on your own or ordering it off the menu, we want to hear how you enjoy a Latin American influenced cocktail.


Balls in your court, drinkers of America. Let’s hear it.

2 thoughts on “Exploring the Latin American Influence

  1. Warren Bobrow

    I’ve been drinking more Ti Punch(s) lately. Sugar Cane syrup, fresh lime and Rum. Nothing more. No ice.

    If you must use ice, may I suggest freezing some coconut water?

    Then the drink with be cold, with the flavors of the tropics woven through and through

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