Late Night Eats for Your Post-Bar Munchies

Uncategorized July 10, 2009 5 Comments.

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It’s sometimes difficult to grab late night food if you’re living in a state where the bars close at 2am, but even though it’s difficult, it is no longer impossible. Many cities offer late night food spots that deliver or serve into the early hours of the morning. Whether it’s hitting up a late night spot or heading back to your house, where do you head for a post-bar snack?

5 thoughts on “Late Night Eats for Your Post-Bar Munchies

  1. Jessica

    In my college town, there was this 24 hour coney island and I swear their two rush hours were 3-4AM on a Friday or Saturday night (sobering night cap), OR 3 PM on a Sunday afternoon (hung over breakfast). LOL

  2. baller_12

    I have given up looking, i just throw in bagel bites as soon as I walk in the door. Hoping someone else has some good spots to share…

  3. Nina

    Cool post. Me and my college friends order calzones for dinner, eat half, then eat the rest after the bar. Avoids the what’s open late search.

  4. Julia

    I live in Little Italy and there’s this incredible late night counter, open for maybe an hour longer than the bars. They have the best “potato balls” – mashed potatoes rolled up and stuffed with drizzly cheese – that never fail to satisfy after a long night out.

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