It’s true, Americans are drinking less beer. Turns out wine and spirits are giving beer a run for its money. Whether it’s a reflection of our recent love for home brewing or simply our obsession with knowing exactly what’s in our glass, Americans aren’t as quick as they used to be when it comes to buying beer.

Millennials are playing a major role in the change in trends. Despite their love for brunch and selfies, they keep the alcohol industry on its toes by looking for bigger and better when it comes to taste and ingredients. Flavored Vodka, Bourbon and Whiskey (we’re looking at you Fireball) are increasingly more popular with the age group as they continue their search for the next best thing. While larger beer companies are more focused on advertising and promotions, craft beers and spirits are providing millenials with the novelty they crave.

Despite it all, the numbers still show that we throw back more servings of beer than any other alcohol. So don’t worry die-hard beer enthusiasts; your beverage of choice is still America’s number one.