“Tastes like heaven, burns like hell”. That’s the motto of cinnamon whiskey brand Fireball. At 33% ABV, the liquor is great for cinnamon cocktails but you’ll see most people shoot it. Since it launched, Fireball has been very popular, appearing in bars and liquor stores everywhere. In the last year the brand has seen it sales nearly triple, so they must be doing something right. But recently, they’ve found themselves in hot water for some of their advertising tactics, which are downright offensive, even for us.


The Advertising Standards Authority first took notice back in April when the Youth Alcohol Advertising Council made complaints about Fireball’s Facebook page. The first status in question showed a young woman pouring the cinnamon whiskey from two bottles and read, “How many bottles would you need to last the whole night?” We don’t need to point out what’s wrong with that. Another suspicious status showed a young man lying face down on a bed. Note to Fireball: passing out isn’t cool and you can’t joke about it. If you thought they would lay low after shaming themselves on Facebook, think again.


Fireball was in deep trouble recently for a brochure they made that featured a person holding a sign with the Fireball logo that read, “The hotter you are the faster I come”. Hello, inappropriate. Clearly subtlety isn’t a talent Fireball possesses. Call us crazy but maybe they should call Miley Cyrus to be their next brand mascot.


What do you think about this cinnamon whiskey and their interesting approach to advertising? Are they a brand on the rise or ruining their chances with crude ad ploys?