KnobCreekWhy take a perfectly good thing and change it? That’s our question every time someone adds a flavor to whiskey or bourbon. And Knob Creek is now doing it too.


They’re fairly new to the bourbon game, debuting in 2010, so we’re surprised Knob Creek is jumping on the flavor bandwagon. But alas, Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon will be released late this summer.


We’re slightly intrigued. On one hand, we’ve tried maple spirits that we enjoyed. On the other, we’re purists at heart that enjoy the original taste of bourbon. The saving grace for this Knob Creek addition will be the “smoked” factor. Rumor has it, the flavor was inspired by founder Booker Noe, who loved to smoke meat and craft his own maple syrup. Sounds like our kind of guy.


We’ll give Smoked Maple a fair shot. We’re anxiously waiting to get our hands on a bottle.