klm-draft-inside-header2Close your eyes. Now, imagine having a flight attendant poor you a fresh, cold beer straight from the tap. Well believe it or not, being served a draft beer on your next flight is more of a reality than it is a dream. Introducing this innovative idea is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, who have teamed up with Heineken.

Edwin Griffioen has come up with a keg design that can fit in between the small airplane aisles, while also finding an alternative to using CO2, as it is prohibited on airplanes. This guy even had to take into account cabin pressure from the plane being so high in the sky, as too much pressure will pour out a foamy beer. No one has time for that. Edwin managed to set the diameter of the tap and the air pressure to the perfect combination that replicates the same pressure you would get on ground level. Cool, right?

Since they had to shrink the keg, the cooling system had to be altered by creating special aisle carts that will keep the beer at a chill 5˚ C. So if you’re traveling to Europe anytime soon, be sure to jet set with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to enjoy a perfectly poured beer at 39,000 feet.