It’s time for another “we give up and don’t want to pay a marketing team to come up with a new name” contest. This one from Morrison Bowmore, who has begun an online campaign asking fans to help choose a new moniker for globally-launched Bowmore Tempest, which must be renamed stateside due to trademark infringement laws.


Through May 18, fans can choose between one of two name options — Dorus Mor or Whirlpool — via Facebook, and will subsequently be entered to win a tailored Bowmore tweed jacket, which are traditionally reserved for Bowmore ambassadors.


We know that naming a product can make or break it, but whatever happened to just asking around? (“Whirlpool” reminds us of “cesspool” — just sayin’)


Between lawyers and friends and family, you’d think bottlers could figure it out without giving away tweed jackets. But then, it’s a way to intimitize (yes, made up word) the process; to invite consumers behind-the-scenes to make them feel a part of something. In other words, you name it, you buy it.


Who are we to say? It just might work.