Love was in the air this morning at Samuel Adams Brewery for their second annual Brewlywed event. Since we can’t resist a good time, a few of our DIAers took a field trip to the brewery in Boston, MA.


The event, showcasing their Brewlywed ale, started at 7 a.m. We don’t roll out of bed that early so we arrived once the festivities had started. Rumor has it the first couple was there at 3 a.m. (that’s some serious dedication).


We hopped in line with everyone, brides and grooms included. We were excited to meet Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams, chatting with all of the eager beer fanatics in line. We were able to take a photo with the man himself, as Jim’s buddies made jokes about sending the shot to his wife.



We made our way into the garden area to get our first sip of the anticipated beer and witness all of the Brewlywed love in action. We know you’re dying to find out: what did it taste like? Classic Sam Adams crispness with hints of refreshing citrus all in an unfiltered Belgian-style white beer. Pretty darn good.




After thoroughly exploring the outdoor area where the actual wedding ceremonies would take place, we finally made it inside. We were greeted with more beer (no complaints) and wedding vendors galore. After chatting with a brewery worker about the beer, we realized exactly why Sam Adams is doing this. They want beer to replace wine at weddings. All of the foods they were serving paired perfectly with Brewlywed, from cheeses, to meats, to wedding cake. And according to our brewery friend, the carbonation in beer cleanses your palate so that every time you take a sip, you’re ready for your next bite of something delicious. Since they talked to us about it for a solid 10 minutes, we’re thinking they really want us to order beer instead of wine for our potential future weddings.


To be honest, we think they’re on to something. Craft beer is awesome and we’d be thrilled to go to a wedding with a focus on beer instead of the typical wine and cocktails. Would you ever replace wine with beer at your wedding? (Bud Light doesn’t count.)


Bonus: on our way out we saw a couple actually saying their I-do’s in the garden outside of the brewery. Cheers to the brewlyweds.