How to Calculate “Proof”

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Alcohol proof is a measure of how much alcohol (ethanol) is contained in an alcoholic beverage. In the United States, alcoholic proof is defined as twice the percentage of abv. So, 100-proof whiskey contains 50% alcohol by volume; 86-proof whiskey contains 43% alcohol.

In beer, alcohol content is 3-12% abv, but it is most often 4-6%. Conventional wines will have 9-16% abv, with most being between 12.5-14.5%. Fortifiied wines, such as port, madeira, marsala, sherry, and vermouth, have 15.5-20% abv. (The wine is “fortified” by adding a distilled spirit, usually brandy, to it.)
Stronger drinks, such as liquors, are distilled after fermentation to increase their alcohol content. These range from 20-95% abv.
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12 thoughts on “How to Calculate “Proof”

  1. W Leagans

    Confused I have 128 ounces of apple cider. I have 16 ounces of 105 proof spirits What is the approximate proof of the cider?.

  2. Math Whiz

    @W Leagans:

    What is the alcohol by volume (ABV) and proof of a mixed drink consisting of 128 oz apple cider and 16 oz spirit that is 105 proof?

    1. Figure out the total alcohol by volume of the spirit:
    105 proof = 52.5% alcohol by volume
    52.5% = 0.525
    16 oz spirit X 0.525 alcohol by volume = 8.4 alcohol by volume / oz
    2. Now figure out the total volume of the drink:
    128 oz apple cider + 16 oz spirit = 144 oz mixed drink
    3. Now take alcohol by volume / oz multiply by total volume of drink to find ABV of the mixed drink:
    8.4 alcohol by volume / oz X 144 oz mixed drink = 0.058 or 0.058 X 100 = 5.8% ABV = 11.6 proof.

    That bowl of mixed drink you made has the alcoholic content equivalent of a 12 oz can of Natural Ice beer with 5.9% ABV.

    If you drink the whole bowl you would have consumed exactly an equivalent of 12 cans of Natural Ice beer. ENJOY!!

  3. Zack

    Of i have one gallon of 160 clear alcohol and add 2 gallon of apple cider and 2 gallons of apple juice what would beer my final proof. I have been having hard time here

  4. Stephan Miller

    Hello everyone with questions follow these steps to find the proof:

    1. Multiply your percent alcohol by the total volume. So if you have 19% of 100% alcohol then do .19 * (five gallons) = .95 of the solution is alcohol. This tells you how much alcohol is in there. So you have .95 gallons of alcohol out of 5 gallons.

    2. find the percentage of alcohol by dividing the two. So .95 gallons divided by 5 gallons = .19 = 19% alcohol

    4. Then we know proof is just the percent alcohol times two. so 19% times two = 38 proof.

  5. Carol Williams

    I use grain alcohol to make my horses fly spray.
    I use it to help solubilize the oils so they will mix with the distilled water.

    What I want to know is:
    If i mix 1.75 ML of 190 proof Ever clear
    With 1.75 ML of 80 proof ever clear
    Does the proof / percent go up or down.
    Does the 190 proof dilute the 80 proof?
    Speaking in terms of Ethanol content. 95 % plus 40% ABV. When mixed together, how do i calculate the total proof and the total ABV amount.?

    Thank you so much!

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