Prompted by news of Maryland’s new increased alcohol tax, which will increase from 6 percent to 9 percent, we wondered how that compares to other states. I mean, how much of our bar bill goes to the state coffers to fund things like education and programs for people with disabilities?


Maryland’s increase is said to generate an estimated $85 million a year in new revenue. It may look like pennies at the bar, but it really adds up. Those with gripes can take comfort in their indirect altruism: not to be glib, but a round after work is one way to help the local schools get new text books.


We are oversimplifying, and it’s a complicated subject. Many feel that increasing alcohol tax will drive things like the making of illegal, unregulated (read: dangerous to your health) bootleg brews (i.e. moonshine).


As for your “contribution,” visit this website to see what the hard alcohol, wine and beer (they are all taxed at different rates) excise tax rates look like in your state.


Sorry, Alaska. You guys really get clobbered.