Your friends just bought a great house, it’s newly renovated and they’re inviting everyone over for a housewarming party. Aka you have to find a gift that isn’t a (boring) picture frame or a potted plant. Think outside the box and go for booze. We’ve got a few suggestions to make sure your housewarming gift stands out among the others no matter who you’re buying for.


For the Wino

You don’t want to be that guest that just shows up with a bottle of cheap wine. Give them what they’ll need to enjoy their vino: a fancy corkscrew, fun wine glasses, a little something to personalize their glass and of course their favorite bottle. Normally you reach for a bottle of bubbly for special occasions like this but go for something they’ll actually enjoy. If you’re lucky, they’ll share.


For the Beer Drinker

It’s perfectly respectable to show up with a six-pack when you’re attending a backyard BBQ you need to step up your game. If your host is a beer lover, your first gift is easy: give them some bottles. Make the trek to your local bottle shop or liquor store and pick up something they’ll really like (Bud Light need not apply). Once you’ve got that down, add a few items that will make their beer drinking experience even better in their new home like a wall mounted bottle opener or glasses to drink their ale in.


For the Cocktail Enthusiast

The easy route would be to buy a bottle of tequila, throw some limes in a bag and call it a day. For your new homeowner friend, supply them with everything they’ll need to build their own bar cart: bottle of their favorite liquor, nice cocktail glasses, straws and an ice bucket. You could even throw in a DIY infusion if you’re feeling crafty. All they need to do is provide the cart and the mixers.


Next time you’re invited to a housewarming, keep these ideas in mind. Not only will your host love your gift but all of the other guests will feel lame for bringing a $10 bottle of wine.