BarCartWhile we certainly wouldn’t mind a full bar in our houses, the more realistic side of things is that most of us don’t have room for something like that. A better option, and one we actually prefer, is a fabulous bar cart. We’re not talking about the one your grandma only brushes the dust off of on Thanksgiving – we’re talking about something that helps you make a well-deserved cocktail and looks nice.


We think the best part about a bar cart is the fact that it’s usually on wheels. A portable bar? Yes, please. This can be helpful if it looks best in your living room on a daily basis, but you want to bring it into the kitchen for a party. Look for a really unique bar cart that looks like a fantastic piece of furniture or work of art. If you can’t find something you love that has wheels, consider choosing a piece that you could easily add your own wheels to. If you’re trying to save money, hit up your local thrift store for some awesome choices.


Since this is going to be a fixture in your house, make sure it reflects your style and matches the room you plan to keep it in. We love the idea of making it blend in to the room as a “real” piece of furniture by adding a great looking lamp in an interesting shape or color, as well as a nice vase with some fresh flowers. And don’t skimp of cool drinking accessories. Find a unique vintage shaker, a hot pink ice bucket, nice glasses or a bowl of fresh lemons and limes.


Don’t add a million different liquor and wine bottles to the cart. You want to keep it simple and uncluttered looking, so only keep your favorites on the cart and put the rest of your collection away until you have guests over.


Do you have a bar cart in your house? Tell us about it.