In this weekly series, DIA unearths why Venus and Mars down different drinks. We bless and bust stereotypes. We tell you what’s new, and whether it’s nasty or nice. Y chromosomes welcome, of course. But this one’s for the ladies.


First up: Gaga Goes Vineyard Shopping.


Fame and fortune has taken Lady Gaga by “complete” surprise, or so she purports. Yet her recent outing to California’s wine country suggests that she’s hard at work on her empire. Or maybe, like the rest of us, she’s just looking for a place to retire.


Rumor has it, as does, that, “Gaga and [boyfriend] Taylor Kinney toured the area and enjoyed several wine tasting tours. Lady Gaga wasn’t only checking out the fabulous wines the Napa Valley had to offer. She was apparently researching properties that she could call her own.”


“The source reveals, ‘She also sees a vineyard as a business investment and something she can work on with Taylor when her pop career comes to an end.’ Taylor and Gaga have reportedly been talking marriage and babies….”


Ah, the pidder patter of little grape stompers.