10986898_10152741923168404_4793651271876023658_nLets be honest, even for experienced wine guzzlers, the varieties and types of wine out there can be down right confusing to keep track of– we aren’t afraid to admit that. With the help of the flourishing wine club, Tasting Room by Lot18, you don’t have to be either. The club, following the virtual and speedy “rate and receive” trend, provides an online platform to sort out your preferences with a taste testing kit. Its sure to have your wine rack stocked at all times. After all, wine tasting is one of our favorite pastimes, so why not explore it in the comfort of our own homes?

After a brief set of questions based on taste choices you typically make– think milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate– Tasting Room will send you six 50ml mini-bottles of wine. The tasting kit, said to arrive in less than one week, will guide you to log back on to tastingroom.com and complete a ten to fifteen minute virtual wine tasting in which you will be prompted to pair wines against each other. Taste test in your pajamas? Yep. Taste test on your back porch? Yep.

Prepare to be wine-wowed because the site then generates your own wine profile where it displays types of wine you are expected to like, where those wines are made, and what foods they go best with. A wine-lovers dream. You are offered an opportunity to rate the wines the site has gathered and Tasting Room will begin sending you shipments of regular-sized bottles based on your profile. Even the old-fashioned wouldn’t turn down this modern service. So sign up today and become your own personal wine expert.