If someone invites you into their home and cooks you a huge ass meal for Thanksgiving, you better keep it classy and bring them a little thank you gift for hosting. Your first thought may be panic because picking out random gifts can be hard – but don’t worry. When in doubt, buy something related to wine. Everyone likes wine, and if for some crazy reason they don’t, they still like to have it in their house in case they have guests over who like wine. If you’re lucky, they’ll even pop it open while you’re there and you’ll get to drink it. Etiquette rules are weird, but if they involve you drinking, just smile and nod.

DIY Wine Labels and Gift Tags
This is super cute because you can go to this website and it has free print-ables that are gift tags and wine labels. They say things like “Cheers!” and other stuff about Thanksgiving and being thankful. We love free things, so we are all about these labels. We’ll definitely be using some of these tomorrow.

Monogrammed Wine Bag & Glass Wine Stopper Set
There’s something about a personalized gift that says “Hey! I actually care!” This cute wine bag has a single letter monogram and a nice black ribbon; the wine stopper also has a single letter monogram. Hopefully this goes without saying, but you do need to buy a bottle of wine to put in the bag because if you show up to a party with an empty wine bag and stopper, you’re going to look dumb.

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket
Kick it up a notch and add some cheese and other snacks into the mix. This gift basket comes with cheese, crackers, olive mix and cocktail almonds, but you can really find any kind of basket that you want. If your hostess has more of a sweet tooth, find a gift basket with some truffles or candy included.

The most important thing is that you try. With hostess gifts it is first and foremost about being polite and thankful, and if they actually like the gift, that’s an added bonus.