Her Shot: Flasks For Her

Our Stories September 5, 2012 15 Comments.

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If you think you don’t need a flask, you’re probably wrong. How else will you get whiskey into movie theaters or football games? Today, one lucky lady is going to WIN a flask, just by commenting on this article about where she would bring it.
Here’s a tip for the single ladies, men find a woman with a flask as attractive as a bacon double cheeseburger. We were at an outdoor concert recently where a boring-looking woman whipped a flask out of her cleavage (can we say that?). The dudes went wild.
Looking to buy? One of our favorite browsing spots is eflasks.com, where the prices are great. We’re eye-ing a stainless steel round flask with a see-through window. It’s art. And all for under twenty-five bucks.
And if you’re in the market, you must go to Etsy.com, where one-of-a-kind female flasks are all over the place. One look and you’ll be thinking “that’s perfect for her.”
How to Win:
• Tell us where you would bring your flask in the comment section by 5:00 pm on Sept. 12th
• Include your name and email address (don’t worry it won’t be displayed publicly)
• Must be 21 or older & a resident of the U.S. to enter
• PS. Guys can enter, just be prepared cause you’re going to win a pink flask
UPDATE: The Ruby Belle is offering all DIA readers 10% OFF on flasks for the month of September. Use coupon code “FAVORITERUBY” during checkout.

15 thoughts on “Her Shot: Flasks For Her

  1. DIA Post author

    Matt, make sure you comment and tell us where you think she would bring it so that you have a chance to win it for her.
    Cheers, DIA

  2. Lina

    This is totally appropriate for any and all situations. Boring meeting? Pregaming a wedding? Pregaming… life? Check. I would totally put this to good use!

  3. DIA Post author

    Lina, boring meeting, check.
    Tanisha, Status meeting, we totally feel your pain – we should incorporate flasks into ours.
    Paula, we love “geek-chic.”

  4. Brooke

    I would bring my flask to baseball games for the rest of the summer. Endless party nights every weekend and of course tailgating season is here . Where wouldn’t I bring it!
    Party on

  5. Cecilia

    I absolutely love the flask!
    Not single but must say the saying holds true regardless….I would sneak it to my kids
    soccer game, whip it out when the moms and dads get too overbearing which happens more often than not!

  6. Kaylee

    I would take it on awesome adventures so that I always have a little bit of liquid courage at my fingertips. See a cute boy? Boom, a little boost to go say hello. Want to buy those ridiculous expensive shoes? A little medicine to ease the pain as you swipe your card at the register.

  7. Sother

    My fiancé, Kara (AKA @KaraActress) would take this flask to rehearsals, a little nip here and there makes the play better. Cheers!

  8. Mortisha Brown

    Gosh! Why didn’t I saw this? I missed another flask contest, gee! I want to win something like this! Maybe I just need to wait for another promo. Better luck next time!


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