Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned everything and anything about our two Presidential candidates. And almost as much about their wives. At DIA, it only left us wanting to know more. Like what Ann and Michelle’s favorite cocktails are.
Ann Romney, who has attended many a cocktail party, doesn’t drink a drop of the stuff. So that one’s easy. Michelle, on the other hand, appears partial to martinis and champagne. And don’t forget her and Obama are the first presidential couple to brew beer at the White House.

How do these ladies stack up to first ladies of yester year? We were curious.

FirstLadies.org gives us the lowdown on their favorite drinks:
Jacqueline Kennedy — lime daiquiri
Mamie Eisenhower — fruit old-fashioned
Bess Truman — old-fashioned
Helen “Nellie” Taft — lager beer and champagne cocktail
Edith Wilson — “Virginia Gentleman” brand bourbon on the rocks
Julia Tyler — champagne punch
Julia Grant — “Roman Punch”
Dolley Madison — whiskey punch
Abigail Adams — rum cider toddy
Florence Harding — scotch-and-soda (she served as bartender to her husband and his friends when they came to play poker in the White House – during Prohibition)
Ida McKinley — wine

Non-drinking first ladies were just as common. Sarah Polk served only wine but not hard liquor. Lucy Hayes was so famous for banning alcoholic beverages in the White House that she was dubbed “Lemonade Lucy.” Rosalynn Carter also served only wines and beers. And Frances Cleveland served alcohol to dinner guests but always turned her glasses upside down and instead drank mineral water.