Aside from being the most famous residence in America, The White House seems like a pretty cool place to live…I mean, it has a movie theater and a bowling alley! Well, things just got even more awesome at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because it looks like President Obama is operating a small brewery of sorts under his roof.

While Obama was hitting the campaign trail in Iowa last week, he gave a bottle of his home-brew to a patron at a coffee shop he was visiting. Turns out the original beer is called White House Honey Ale and they have also begun brewing a Honey Blonde Ale, and a Honey Porter. White House spokesperson Jay Carney says that he has tried the beer and that it is “quite refreshing.”
Oh, and the honey he uses? It comes straight from First Lady Michelle Obama’s garden beehive.

Apparently Obama has served his special brew at Super Bowl parties and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer also got to try the White House’s secret stash when he made a request to have a beer with the president.

Historians say this is the first beer ever made at The White House and that the Obamas bought their brewing equipment with their own money. The first beer ever made in The White House…seriously? I guess we always assumed more US presidents were in to downing a nice cold beer, but looks like Obama is the first one to get his priorities straight.