HerShotFirst dates are filled with excitement, jitters and frequent worrying over whether or not you picked the “right” outfit to wear. Alcohol has long been the favorite method for calming nerves, and we dig that, but when you’re drinking during a date there is a fine line between chilling out and passing out.


#1. Moderation is your friend. You may be compelled to drink until you’re not nervous anymore, but that can get messy fast. Depending on your tolerance for alcohol (and whether or not you had a pre-date pre-game), you probably want to keep it to one, maybe two, drinks.


#2. Don’t overthink your drink. We’ve read stupid things like women shouldn’t drink beer on a first date and they must drink wine. We say screw that and drink what you like. Period. If a guy is going to judge you based on what you drink on a first date, he’s probably going to make a crappy boyfriend anyway. There are many fish in the sea, but there’s only one Jack Daniel’s.


#3. Think ahead. Are you just meeting for dinner, or are you meeting for drinks first, then eating, then hitting a bar later? You don’t want to have your two drinks at dinner and then unexpectedly end up at a pub late night having a martini or two (or three).


#4. Don’t be afraid to drop some knowledge. You love drinking – you wouldn’t be trolling this blog on the regular if you didn’t. If the conversation turns to drinking topics, don’t play the dumb girl role. You know what’s up and you shouldn’t hide it. Best case scenario? You become a drinking power couple and you invite us to your wedding.