Power of suggestion- 1. Psychology- 0. Another classic example of us hearing, and us believing. Believing so internally that we believe all the way to the core of our beings– our libidos. Despite what us women already know about suggestion, many of us are sure to be rushing to our local liquor stores looking for new release, “Lust Vodka.”  Just judging by the name, can you blame us?

This gluten-free vodka claims to increase a woman’s sex drive. While the vodka doesn’t actually contain any aphrodisiac, according to a recent press release, ” It all starts with the power of suggestion. Simply due to its name, and human nature’s insatiable dependency on the power of suggestion, having a bottle of Lust-Vodka on your table naturally increases one’s sexual desire, adding emotional elements and seduction to the mix.” In other words, suggestion controls and alters our experience to fit our expectation. We think it’s working, so it works. Not only is this factor working its magic for Lust Vodka, but so is the alcohol itself. Lust might not actually have a leg up on other vodka brands in this sense, but studies have shown alcohol consumption can lead to increased levels of testosterone and relaxation levels that in turn cause men and women to be more sexual.

So whether it’s a mind game or not– does it really matter? As long as it does the trick. Of course, this doesn’t discredit all the times we’ve shut down false claims from liquor brands. We don’t do mind games– but we’ll play along with this one.