Jackie O., Annie Oakley, Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Lopez, Martha Stewart, Madonna, Kathie Lee Gifford…. Believe it or not, these ladies have one thing in common: they’re Leos, a sign characterized by confidence, ambition, and pretentiousness.

So, in honor of the last day before the zodiac sign flips, we thought we’d take a look at whether Leo gals have a particular drinking personality, too.

Jackie O. loved her lime daiquiris, Martha Stewart is a Capirinha drinker (main ingredient: lime), and then there’s Oval vodka’s Monica Lewinsky recipe, which includes lemon lime sour.

Coincidence? We think not. Just look, so to speak, to the stars:
“Leo drinkers like cocktails with flavors of lemon or lime juice,” says website as88cocktails.com.

Chime in, lady Leos. Is there lime in your cocktail glass? Tell us what you like in a drink.