Did you know that women drink 11% less than men. Did you think this number would be higher or lower?


Did you know that (according to the World Health Organization) 100% of Egyptian women abstain from alcohol, and women from Cambodia and Fiji are nearly as strict. Only 4% of women in Denmark, Belarus, and Luxembourg abstain, reports the DailyBeast.com.


Interesting, huh?


Recommended consumption rates vary pretty widely from country to country. (Let’s try not to draw any conclusions about a country’s pregnancy rate or intelligence level based on this information. Promise.) Here are a few that are actually published.


Countries like Australia, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands recommend an average of 2 drinks per day. Spain gets even more specific claiming 2 drinks a day is healthy, but no more than twice this on any occasion.


When it comes to Canada, Hong Kong, the UK and the U.S. of A, intake is averaged by week. Hong Kong and the U.K. lead with 14 while Canada recommends 9 drinks per week. The U.S. is conservative, recommending (only) 7 drinks a week…oops.