For Christians, advent is a countdown leading up to Christmas. This year it starts Sunday, December 2 and it ends on Monday, December 24 (Christmas Eve). Whether or not you believe in anything religious, advent calendars are sweet – you basically get to open a small present every day for four weeks.

You can go to any store and find a small paper advent calendar with chocolate pieces inside, but personally, we’d rather spend the calories on a nice stiff drink. Drinks by the Dram, who made a whiskey advent calendar, inspired us to think up some of our own booze-inspired projects.

If you’re a beer drinker, you know that a case of beer has 24 bottles. How funny – Advent is 24 days… sounds like destiny to us.
1. Pick up a case of your favorite beer or find an empty case and use this as your base.
2. Decide what your drink of choice is – fill it with all different kinds of beer, put a different nip in each compartment, or any other treat you want.
3. What you do next is really up to your creativity. The general idea is that you just need to label each compartment from 1-24.
4. Make it pretty. Maybe it’s just us, but we think you should whip out your markers, paint set, and glitter (lots and lots of glitter).

More of a wino? Get 24 bottles of your favorite wine(s) and cover the labels with numbers 1-24.
Share with friends and save some for your holiday party… or just drink one every day. We won’t judge. And, definitely let us know if you end up trying one of these, or have your own great idea.