Brenne Whiskey

When Allison Patel retired from her ballet career at age 23, she embraced her love of traveling, food and drink. A girl after our own heart. In her adventures abroad, she developed a serious infatuation for whisky in the most unexpected place of all, France.


Traditionally, whisky hails from Scotland, the U.S. and has a growing market in Japan. But French whisky? They’re almost unheard of. While on her search for something new in the whisky world, Patel came across a Cognac producer who had just started distilling his own single malt at his farm in Cognac, France.


It was love at first sip. After trying the whisky, Patel and the distiller collaborated and Brenne Whisky was born.  For the next three and a half years, they let the spirit age and refine. The tables turned when Patel had the idea to incorporate the distiller’s used Cognac casks in the aging process, giving Brenne an added fruity flavor.


The French single malt is crafted solely in Cognac, France and made its U.S. debut in October 2012. Right now it is only available in four states (New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Tennessee) but Patel recently scored a national distribution deal so keep your eye out. Her first expression, Estate Cask, goes for $59.99 a bottle but from what we hear it’s worth it. We know women aren’t traditionally huge whisky lovers, but this was made by a fellow female. Will you try it?