We all know that consuming any alcoholic beverage in excess is never a good idea but what we don’t know is that in moderation we can reap some health benefits from one of our favorites: rum.

#1 A single 1.5 oz serving can reduce anxiety and contribute to a solid night’s sleep

#2 In addition to it’s warming and calming qualities, the antimicrobial properties of rum can help prevent a common cold.

#3 By increasing the mineral density of bones, rum can help prevent osteoporosis and assist in alleviating arthritis.

#4 In moderation, it can help fight and prevent muscle pain.

#5 It’s great for the heart! Rum can combat peripheral artery diseases and can also act as a blood thinner – even heart attacks can be reduced though its consumption.

#6 Rum can be great for preventing Alzheimer’s disease, decreasing the risk of getting dementia, and can even help to prevent Cancer.

#7 In terms of the many life threatening diseases that rum can help prevent, drinking it in moderation can potentially prolong your lifespan by two to five years!

So, next time you’re debating which cocktail to order, consider what rum has to offer.