White Lyan cocktails

The bar scene is constantly changing. New beers, stand out bartenders, crazy innovative cocktails, there’s always something interesting on the horizon. We’ve noticed a few eyebrow raising happenings at your local watering holes and we thought we’d share.


Anti-Fresh Cocktails

White Lyan’s cocktail menu is stacked with creative and innovative drinks but there’s a few things missing at this London bar – ice, juice, shakers, garnishes and liquor bottles. With this lack of anything perishable in their bar, where does White Lyan get their cocktails? They premix and bottle every drink on their house cocktail menu and simply pop open and pour upon order. We know bottled cocktails have swept across the U.S. but nothing like this has hit us yet.


Bigger Beer Bottles

The craft beer world has embraced the 750ml bottle and now bars are taking a hint. Craft brewers have been bottling their beers in these extra-large bottles and restaurants are finally figuring out what to do with them. Pinch American Grill in Yonkers, NY is home to a bar with ninety-nine taps and over 170 beers. Among those hundreds is a selection that the restaurant will pour and serve to you in 750ml glasses. Talk about a tall glass. We’re hoping bars will start serving these big bottled beers to us soon. We’d be willing to pay and we know you would too.


Dive Bar Tries To Get Fancy

In a world where fancy cocktail bars are opening on every corner, dive bars are the one place a local can go to get a simple shot and a pint. That should never change. However, one bar out in California is trying to take that local, homey feel away from dive bars and force in the fancy cocktails. Hotsy Totsy, in San Fran area, is a dive bar gone mainstream that started adding complex crafted cocktails to their repertoire. In our opinion, dive bars should stick to what they know and if they’re going to expand on anything, it should be their beer selection.


Would you order a 750ml beer or a fancy cocktail in a dive bar? What about a martini that you can’t add any fresh olives to? Tell us your thoughts.