Bottled Cocktails

When you go to a bar and order a cocktail, there’s probably no doubt in your mind that a bartender will create your drink right then and there and it will be delivered to you. You might be surprised next time you go out. Some bars and restaurants are beginning to bottle their cocktails ahead of time.


It seems that overall, both business owners and patrons are embracing the bottled cocktail trend. Advantages include:


Consistency. Bar patrons like to know that when they order their favorite cocktail, it’s going to be consistently good and taste the same. Making the cocktails in big batches and then bottling them means more consistency across the board.


Speedy service. When a bar gets busy, it takes a lot more time to mix up a drink than it does to pop off a bottle cap. Bartenders can quickly get behind if customers are ordering a lot of complicated drinks, but if those complicated drinks are already bottled, things can move a lot more smoothly.


Better flavors. Some cocktails just taste better when you let them sit and allow the different flavors to intermingle. We live in a society where things move so fast that we frequently don’t have the opportunity to enjoy a cocktail that has had time to age properly.


Good for groups. Not all restaurants and bars are bottling in larger bottles, but the ones that are make drinking as a group more fun. Instead of sharing a bottle of wine with your girlfriends, you can share a big bottle of Manhattans.


All in all, it seems like bottling cocktails is a worthwhile drinking trend. We obviously don’t think it’s going to replace classic cocktail-making, but it adds a nice alternative for people who don’t really care about the pomp and circumstance behind watching a bartender make a drink. It also seems like a fun way for bars to get a little more creative and make a name for themselves.