We’re all familiar with the Baby Bjorn – you know, that hammock like infant cradle that parents wear on their chests to tote their kids around? Well, now there is one for your wine glass. Yup, you read that correctly. Our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer (they brought you the glass froster) are at it again.

For a grand total of $19.99 you can have 4 hands-free wine glass holders. That means you can share with 3 of your (luckiest) friends. Talk about a fashion statement. They are advertising it for “buffet eaters” as it will free up both hands to grab extra hors d’oeuvres (or just more drinks) at your next dinner party or wine tasting. We’re not sure we would rock this look but we know someone out there will. Seriously, who doesn’t love a well-equipped lanyard?